The contemporary image of a gated residential community

The attractive location in direct proximity from “Vitosha” Metro Station and “Paradise” Mall, the intrinsic neoclassical architecture and the use of building materials and technologies from leading global brands make this complex a luxurious, environmentally sustainable living environment of the highest grade possible.

our advantages

in the complex Paradise Place

Technical specification

  • Joinery
  • Elevators
  • Covers and linings
  • Light-current installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Water main and sewerage
  • Heating
  • Terraces and roofs
  • Facade


  • Wooden joinery with triple-layer glued selected profile “Muenchinger” - Germany, with profile thickness 78 mm.
  • German burglary-protection “G-U” hardware.
  • Window packing “Primo” GmbH, surface varnish coverage in three layers by the German company “Rhenocoll”.
  • Weather groove “Gutmann”, which has excellent water drainage section and groove for protection of the wooden part, which is most vulnerable to moisture.
  • Triple glass case 34 mm, with thermal conductivity factor 0,7 UgWm2K.
  • High quality Italian armored entrance doors Gasperotti for each apartment.


  • Last generation of elevator facilities, made of state-of-the-art global leading company with reduced energy consumption.
  • Improved quality of transportation and improved security.
  • Equipped with HD display in the cabin for real-time communication.

Covers and linings

  • Apartments: Floor heating and noise insulation made of rock wool in living rooms and bedrooms, with top cover made of reinforced cement and sand plaster. Machine-installed fine gypsum and lime and cement coating on walls and ceilings.
  • Lobby: Floor heating and noise insulation made of rock wool with reinforced cement and sand putty and top cover made of exotic natural stone.
  • Floor lounges: Floor heating and noise insulation made of rock wool with reinforced cement and sand putty and top cover made of natural stone, in combination with a relief and glass textile wallpaper - according to interior design.
  • Staircases: Cement and sand putty and top coverage made of natural stone, in combination of pre-wall drywall lining and top cover of high-quality latex on walls and ceilings
  • Parking lot: High-resistance ground concrete with metal fibers.

Light-current installations

  • Internet installation and installation for television up to a point in an apartment.
  • Video intercom system and conventional CCTV system, based on DVR devices with monitoring and recording software, complete with screens with the security and the reception desk. Cabling on each apartment with an option for signalization and security equipment.

Electrical installations

  • Power supply for the building provided by two independent switchgear stations, connected to the electric grid.
  • The electric power consumers in the building are supplied by a main switchboard with an electric meter /MS/, situated on the ground floor.
  • Electric boards not visible (built-in) above the entrance doors or laterally along the wall of individual apartments. All of the electric boards are made of high-class plastic, non-flammable, with a transparent hinged cover.
  • Installation made of SVT cables. In the apartments, the installation shall be with wires of the type PVVN, not visible, installed below the coatings.
  • Automated fire signaling installation for basement floors (elevations -2.95 and -5.90 m) and in the common parts of the building (on the ground floor and the landing sites on the floors).
  • Lightning protection and earthing installations.
  • Electric vehicles charging station.

Water main and sewerage

  • Drinking and utility water supply installation for a residential building.
  • Fire safety water main installation made from galvanized pipes.
  • Discharge of waste water in street sewerage network.
  • Building and sewerage installation made of polypropylene three-layer pipes with noise-absorption insert.
  • Suspended installation below the slab on the first basement floor made of PVC thick-wall coupling pipes. All suspended sections of the installation have insulation made of micro-pore rubber, with a thickness of 1 cm. Pressure installation made of high-density polyethylene pipes, PN10.


  • Installed gas piping to outlet for installation of a gas boiler in the apartment and piping to outlet for installation of an air conditioner.
  • Insulated place for external structures of the air conditioners in each of the apartments.

Terraces and roofs

  • Hydro-insulation system with materials, manufactured by the German company KÖSTER.
  • Linings and components, made of high-quality copper sheet metal with pitched and oval roofs


  • Ventilated suspended facade with suspenders made of stainless steel; heating insulation made of 10 cm rock wool.
  • Steam vapor permeable - water impermeable and wind membrane; top coverage - combination of limestone extracted near Vratsa “Krema Extra” and travertine.
  • Metal railings with top coverage high-quality primer and paint in color according to architectural design. Exterior lighting according to architectural design.